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The Brunch With Chey Podcast launched in 2020 through the visionary eyes of host Miss Chey K. Through this podcast, Chey explores the eight dimensions of wellness: emotional, financial, social, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, physical, and occupational in a fun and informative way incorporating life's complexities and the perspectives of various guests. During these midday self-care conversations, there's liquor and laughter because who doesn't love brunch?!


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Chey is a Brooklyn, NY native that enjoys liquor and laughter as a part of her self-care routine. She received her Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus in 2019. She's currently a graduate student at Temple University pursuing a dual Master's degree in Social Work and Public Health while co-managing a non-profit youth program. Struggles with her own health over the years led up to the creation of the podcast, not only as an outlet but, as an effort to create space for health-related conversations, spread awareness and offer solutions in a fun and informative way. To keep sane after long days, Chey enjoys creating content for Brunch With Chey, going out to eat (or ordering in), traveling, and making candles that are also available for purchase.